Come on can of worms, open up.

It's a conversation that's hard to have, right?  "Hey hottie, I like you and all, but the kissing part isn't happening for me."  Not something we want to say, or hear!

I just read that since kissing is a "learned behavior," we can teach an old dog new tricks.  Kissing takes practice, and with a little work, it can get better.  Hmm!Basically, it takes a dialogue, an openness, and a willingness to improve the kissing. It's kind of like good grades, fitness and athletics, singing, and anything else that takes a little dedication.  Practice makes perfect!  Or at least practice makes better.  But eventually, if it's not working, there is a "kicking to the curb" that happens when it comes to dating.

How many times have you been out with someone that you like, and dinner goes well and you feel a connection, and then you get to the kissing part and it totally changes your mind about how much you like them?  Yep.  Kissing is a big part of dating, and it can make or break someone.  But no pressure!

And if you're good, it seems that all that practice on the back of your hand paid off.  Nice work.