Less than a week until 2021 sweeps in with hopes for a better year than the amalgamation of awful that is 2020. But as the year nears a highly anticipated end, think back to the very beginning of 2020. Before the nightmare officially began, a lot of us made resolutions/set goals/made vision boards for what we wanted to accomplish this year. Did you accomplish any of them amidst the chaos? Did you shift your goals in accordance to the climate of crap?

Having spent more time than usual on social media over the holiday weekend I saw I'm not the only one reflecting on the past year, specifically what goals were or weren't accomplished. I'm happy to report that my top resolution for 2020 came to fruition this summer when I landed my dream gig co-hosting Moug & Angie Mornings on Mix 106. As for the rest of my goals...I landed my dream gig on Mix 106. Seriously, it was near impossible to feel motivated for anything and my plans to get in the best shape of my life, become more proficient in the kitchen, and get out of debt fell as flat as my singing voice. And that's absolutely ok.

In fact, if I'd accomplished absolutely nothing except getting through the year, that would still be fine. Most of us have reached the end of 2020 broken as ever, but we are still here. My mental health is failing on such a level and I know I'm not alone. But we are managing and that's to be celebrated. So on NYE if you can find the will, toast to yourself for making it this far! Better days are ahead, I firmly believe. We got this! \


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