I am profoundly lazy when it comes to preparing meals. I spend a lot of time ordering food, spending wild amounts of money on delivery fees. It got to a level where I had to cut myself off. I decided I need to either pack my lunch or learn to survive on vending machine snacks. Clearly I was never gonna pack my lunch, so I've spent the last few weeks perfecting my snack game to get me through the day without feeling sluggish or hangry.

Initially I thought I could make it through with a venti coffee and some water. Working so early I'm always concerned about feeling tired, especially if I didn't manage a good sleep the night before. Caffeine and hydration seemed like the most important factors. But caffeine on its own couldn't provide the energy boost I needed. On an empty stomach the coffee was too acidic and would make my tummy hurt.

But I didn't want to eat something too heavy. Eating too early in the morning makes me sick. Thankfully the vending machine carries Clif Bars, which are dense but not very big, creating the perfect nest to soak up the coffee's acidity. By no means is that scientific terminology or research. I'm saying this based on how my body feels.

As it reaches afternoon and I feel peckish, I reach for some veggie straws. They're crunchy and light and fun to eat. Couple that with some water, and I'm still good to go. Sometimes I also have whole almonds to feel healthier. And the protein is always good for you.

Yay! I've made it through the workday! I will say this, I'd love to petition for more vegan options in the vending machine. Nothing crazy, there are plenty of "accidentally vegan" snacks that vegans and carnists alike enjoy. I know everyone would love some Oreos up in that glass box. What are your vending machine go-to munchies?



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