I haven't done my taxes yet so they're going to base the stimulus on my 2018 return. Well, since then, my bank account AND address have changed so it's not gonna direct deposit, and it's not gonna come in the mail, BUT, help is coming!

Coming soon! Probably later on this week... The IRS will have an app where you can update your direct deposit information so that you can get your government stimulus check. IRS.gov is actually a pretty helpful source on this topic; maybe you're a little confused on how much you're going to get, maybe you're not sure if you're going to get anything at all, they can help you out there.

This $1200 could really come in handy, I'm sure a lot of people will use it to pay rent and catch up during this difficult time, others may use it to pay off some debt, and depending on your financial situation, maybe you'll treat yourself somehow. Either way, keep an eye out for IRS.gov to announce the app and get your money!

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