Second Stimulus Check – How Much and When…
There are still negotiations, debates and talks as they are still trying to finalize a nearly $1 trillion COVID-19 relief package. It is looking like this economic relief package will shell out about $600 to American individuals, half the amount of the first time.
This Proposed Bill Could Give You A $2000 Per Month Stimulus Check
It's undoubtedly a rough world right now. I've watched countless friends and family members lose their jobs because of COVID-19. Millions are awaiting their one-time stimulus check (I fortunately got mine this week) but this new bill could help us get through this tough time more long term…
Stimulus Check 2020: What If Your Info Has Changed?
I haven't done my taxes yet so they're going to base the stimulus on my 2018 return. Well, since then, my bank account AND address have changed so it's not gonna direct deposit, and it's not gonna come in the mail, BUT, help is coming!