I finally found a place that allows large dogs, but have the opposite schedule as my fiance. So how do you move two households into one with full time jobs & no budget for movers. I have that answered for you!

Getty Images - Joe Raedle

No that is not my new house sadly. Anyways last Saturday I worked all day at the Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. Then on Sunday I packed all day long & had to take Monday off from work just to be able to move. It took all day for my fiance & I to load the U-Haul with all of our stuff that we couldn't fit in our cars.

It was about 8:45pm by the time we finally got to our new place to unload. With a long night a head of us we opened up the back of the truck. And then the best thing EVER happened. Our new next door neighbors came over to say "hello" or so I thought. NOPE! They came to help us unload!! Seriously! I said thank you but no you don't have to & my new neighbor said "Too much stuff to move". And then my new neighbor, his four boys, my fiance & I started unloading.

The truck was getting unloaded so fast I finally had to stop helping & start moving stuff upstairs. Our living room was full & didn't even have the couches in it! Scrambling I moved boxes,  a bed frame, chair & anything I could upstairs. Until I got the King Size mattress wedged in the stairway.... Ops! Had to pause the speed moving to get help from everyone to get it upstairs.

After everything was inside & the U-Haul empty I looked at my watch it had only been twenty minutes! A days worth of work for two people was unloaded in twenty minutes! I was so shocking & outta breath I could barely say thank you. And then I'm giving a Pepsi by my new neighbors, they helped us move & then gave us something to drink. Think they have not so easily become the best neighbors I have ever had!

As I went to bed that night I couldn't help but think how tired I was &  of what we should get them to say thank you. There's a bit of a language barrier between us. But in the end it was a case of Pepsi & the biggest fruit tray I have ever seen! We brought the Pepsi & fruit over to them & my favorite part was they were totally shocked that we were even bringing them anything. And said "we're neighbors you don't have too thank us". They've won my award for best neighbors ever!