It was a little bit different, but man, did it feel nice (and normal) to have it back!

Saturday Night Live is one of my favorite shows just because I love how they make fun of real life and put some humor on some of this crazy stuff we've been going through. They were on a hiatus as it was when the Coronavirus craziness begun so they've been MIA for a while.

Most of the late night shows are a bit dry right now and some of them aren't even on the air so it was cool to see some of the awesome peeps at Saturday Night Live come together to bring us a new episode!

The current cast of Saturday Night Live is pretty amazing, especially Kate McKinnon and the all time great, Keenan Thompson. Even though it was different and there was no audience and no sound stage, they managed to put together a highly entertaining show, hosted by the great Tom Hanks!

Here are a couple of my favorite bits:


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