Are you one of those who has had the "Sightings" around the Treasure Valley. Many on the Boise Bench have seen an increase in cases of appearances of Coyote's grazing near neighborhoods and residences. So what do you do if you cross paths? 

Up close with a coyote at Yosemite National Park.

The area of Cassia Park has seen a spike in Coyote in the last few weeks, and residents are starting to get a bit close for comfort many are saying. According to some Facebook posts as well, there is another sighting of a different animal in the Eagle township near the Eagle Golf Course.

Over the Christmas holiday, a number of chickens and ducks were killed where most people have the thought that it was said Coyote. So what can one do if you come across one in your backyard or even walking around town with your animals? Idaho Fish & Game Officials are warning home and animal owners to NOT approach them. Coyotes are known to sometimes get pretty aggressive and if it ever gets to the point where action needs to be's suggested you try your hardest to just scare them away. When in doubt..the IF&G is always your go to call.

Idaho Fish & Game Contact:  (208) 334-3700

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