Serious question. I was having my ring re-sized at a jewelry store on Fairview and this woman walked in and said "Why would you even wear that? Real men don't wear rings..."

Little did she know I just got married less than two weeks ago. Call me naive or whatever, but I've yet to become a marriage hater, which there are a lot of it seems. Anyway I was in there getting this ring re-sized so that I didn't ruin circulation to my ring finger and this woman walks in (I think she was having a necklace cleaned or something) and she said "why would you even wear a that? Real men don't wear rings!" and I couldn't even think of a solid response to this silly question.

I have a few friends who don't wear a wedding band because of their job and they could "lose a finger". My job is primarily indoors and the chances of me losing a finger because of this ring are pretty slim. But also, I like wearing a watch. What's one more piece of jewelry? Does it make you less of a man?

Again, call me naive but I'm proud to be married to (Dr.) Stacy. In fact, after having postponed our wedding twice, it was so nice to actually do it. you know? And while it's still new, I do know that marriage comes with it's challenges but at this point, I can't see a reason why I would ever not be proud to be married, and therefore, not too manly to wear this ring.

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