School shootings have been all too common in this country in recent years. A new bill proposes that concealed weapons be allowed in public schools in an effort to protect our children. What are your thoughts?

Republican Chad Christiansen would like to see those who are 21 and older, who have an Idaho enhanced permit to carry a concealed weapon, be allowed to carry a gun into a public school without telling anyone.

According to an article on the intent is to arm teachers and harden Idaho public schools against active shooters.

Christiansen says

I want children to be safe. I don't want them to be a soft target. Gun free zones are a soft target. They're a sitting duck waiting for something to happen.

What kind of training has an enhanced permit carrier had? They have taken an eight-hour firearms training course.

A hearing will be held today by The House State Affairs Committee which includes public comments on the issue.

What are your thoughts on this proposed bill? As a mother, I am all for anything that can keep our children safer, but any time you put a gun in the hands of an individual you have to trust that that person won't misuse that gun. Just because someone has had training in how to safely use firearms does not mean they are mentally sane and should have a gun in our schools. On the flip side, I think it's obvious that we need to take some sort of action to keep our kids safe. Is this the right move? I'm on the fence.

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