Clocks Spring Forward This Weekend
Do you know how much self worth I derived as a child being the tech savvy smarty-pants that got to change all my grandma's clocks? I literally had this attitude of like... "Hold my beer, grandma... Clocks are on me".
A New Idaho Power Scam Alert
This is a new, local scam you'll want to be aware of.
Idaho Power posted on their Facebook Page:
Attention Idaho Power business customers: A new scam is afoot. People posing as Idaho Power are calling and demanding power bill payment over the phone...
Invoice a Date?
I've been doing the online dating thing for about six months, and as you might guess I haven't had that much success with it because I'm still doing it.
It has been a wild ride for sure, but nothing up to this point can compare with the crazy thing that happened Friday night.  I&a…