Get ready... Shark Fest 2021 is creeping up quick! It's Idaho's most diverse car show with some wild rides in store! Get a sneak peak along with all the details here.

This isn't just a car show, this is an event of epic proportions! It's Shark Fest 2021! Mark your calendar and get ready to head to Expo Idaho June19th. This is a fully involved car show, Idaho's most diverse in fact, with a variety of cars, along with food trucks, vendors, music, an exhaust competition and a ton more.

Prepare to have all of your senses triggered with the sights, sounds, smells and excitement of Shark Fest 2021. Tickets start at just $10 dollars, kids 12 and under are free, and they also have VIP packages available.

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You'll get to see a bit of everything, it'll certainly be a thrill to see some of these cars up close and to be able to hear the engines roar in close quarters over at Expo Idaho. Custom rides from near and far will be here showing off their amazing appearance and performance abilities in this must-see event.

Back when I was younger, I was a total sucker for car shows, I wouldn't miss an event. Now that I'm a bit older, my priorities have changed a bit but now that I've been stuck indoors for so long, I'm ready to get out and see some cars! Can't wait to hear the engines revving, and just feel the overall excitement in the room. Get your tickets now by clicking here!

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