I recently saw a stat that said if your household income was less than $117,000 annually in San Francisco, you were living below the poverty line, so I guess it makes sense that people are looking to get out. Now, a Bay Area TV station seems to be encouraging it!

According to KTVB, NBC Bay Area did a report on housing and compared San Francisco to Boise, and it's obviously MUCH more affordable to live here than it is there.

For full transparency, I did move here from San Diego, though I was only there for a year and half or so. I'm from Vegas, where the cost of living is much closer to what we have here in the Treasure Valley. When I moved to San Diego, I knew that the cost of living was higher, but I only really considered housing into the equation. I was in a two bedroom townhouse paying $2200 per month in rent which was INSANE to me, but I was getting paid more than I was in Vegas so it seemed to work out.

Some things I didn't consider was the cost of groceries, the cost of gas, the cost of pretty much everything being much much higher. So while I did enjoy living in close proximity to the beach, it sucked living paycheck to paycheck endlessly.

When the job in San Diego didn't work out, my wallet was relieved. I got the call to come here and really truly appreciated the beauty and the lack of crazy traffic and the cost of living was a huge factor. I'm still renting, but I'm in a brand new house now for much less than I was paying in San Diego, and now I have a little breathing room to enjoy the city I live in.

Check out NBC Bay Area's report here courtesy of KTVB.


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