We hear it time and time again... the Boise housing market is insane and downright offensive. Our sister station, KIDO recently reported that the average cost of a house in Ada County is over half a million dollars. Yikes! That's enough to scare anyone who was considering buying a home away. Shoot, you would think renting in Boise would be easier, right? Not so fast.

A bill was recently passed this year saying that our government can't regulate "fees or deposits charged for private residential property." While the fees and costs can be pretty ridiculous already, how about the questions that are asked on renter applications? They're downright outrageous!

Rental scams in the Treasure Valley are nothing new and some of these crazy questions could even be part of the scammer's ploy to gather as much information from us as they can. It's important for us as renters to do our research but some applications can be sneaky. Think about it, in some cases you're providing some of your most personal information with no guarantee that you'll even get the keys to the place! I recall experiencing just that when I moved here. I must've applied to at least seven to eight places and in some cases, I was turned down within hours because someone else "beat me to the punch." But did they? Or was I just suckered into sharing my financial background among other personal details?

We've gathered some of the most bizarre questions that we've come across on renter applications and made up some of our own to see if you can determine which are fake and which are real.

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