I think I've admitted before that I'm a little OCD when it comes to weight.  I weigh myself every day and I freak out if I get toward the upper end of my self-imposed five pound window because I don't like how my stomach feels above a certain weight and I can't stand tight pants.  I was chubby as a kid and in college and a lot of my weight issues are no doubt tied to that.  On the positive side, it's made me more conscious of the things I eat and it's forced me to make choices that are consistent with health goals, and on the negative side it kinda drives me nuts.

Anyhoo, I just read that there are some foods that can actually make us more hungry.  Crazy! Are there any foods that can trick us into being full?  

Sometimes it's easy to overlook online chatter, but when Time Magazine says it I tend to believe it.  An article says the foods that make us hungrier after we eat them include white bread, white pasta, salty snacks, sugary cereals, and pizza.  Juice and alcohol don't help us either, according to the article.  Dang.  One pizza and vodka/cranberry juice night and we'll be starving the next day!  I'm already starting to "but, but" my way through this list.

In the words of the great Giada de Laurentiis from Food Network how about this:  "I eat a little bit of everything, but a lot of nothing." Think that applies here?  Hope so.

This is just me talking and the only research that has gone into it is my own chewing, but I think avocados and cashews are go-to foods for filling up without feeling icky.  And I can never get enough of the Idaho salmon.

Now, all of this food talk has made me want to make a beeline for the vending machine. The best food plans are the ones that can handle some cheating, right?


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