Since March 2020, a daily death count has been a routine part of the nightly newscast. 

Seeing the number of people who've lost their lives due to COVID-19 on a daily basis makes life feel really, really heavy. At times, if might make you wonder if the virus is the leading cause of death in Idaho. We dug through some data on the CDC's website to determine if it is.

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The CDC has a section on their website called the "stats of the states" where you can search through maps showing the number and rate of 18 different types of deaths in individual years from 2005-2020. Since COVID-19 didn't exist in America until 2020, it was NOT included as a choice. However, their website does indicate that COVID-19 was involved in 1,541 deaths in Idaho in 2020.

If we included that number among the other causes, it would've been the #3 cause of death in Idaho in 2020, the most recent year of full data available. Since there wasn't a COVID-19 mortality map with an age-adjusted death per capita rate consistent with the other 18 mortality maps, we left it off this list. In 2020, these were the top 10 causes of death in Idaho.

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