Idahoans are extremely lagging behind with vaccinates rates. Only 34% of Idaho's population is fully vaccinated. In fact, this means that Idaho is 45th in states ranked by percentage of the population fully vaccinated.

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Wyoming, Idaho and Utah stick out like a sore thumb on this map provided by the CDC as they join the group of southern states who are the most hesitant to get vaccinated. According to data from CDC compiled by Becker's Hospital Review, Mississippi ranks dead last with only 28% of its population fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile Vermont has the highest percentage at 59.46%. Close by Washington State ranks in the top 10 on the list with a 48.96% vaccination rate. Actually Seattle just recently became the first major U.S. city to reach 70 % fully vaccinated. That's pretty impressive.

Of course, 70% of the nation's population is President Joe Biden's goal by the 4th of July. As of today, about 42% of the entire U.S. population is fully vaccinated so we have long way to go as a nation as well.

Many state governments along with retail consumer brands have been offering incentives for people to get vaccinated. These incentives have come in the form of everything from free donuts, prime seating at sporting events, and even paychecks good for thousands of dollars. Some companies will even offer incentives for employees like extra PTO or a bonus!

Personally, I'm fully vaccinated but it is a personal choice as is with basically everything else. For those who are not, is there any type of incentive out there that would be enough for you get vaccinated?

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