It looks like our Memorial Day Weekend might be beautiful, weather wise. *Subject to change based on Mother Nature's sole discretion*

After a week or so of on and off rain, it appears this weekend will be perfect for grilling, road trips (it is National Road Trip Day afterall), socially distanced time with family, and of course, honoring our fallen heroes.

According to our friends at KTVB, we'll breeze through the last of the rain today and enjoy mostly sunny days this three day weekend, and by Monday, we can expect to be back up to 75 degrees. Perfect for spending some much needed time outdoors!

I'll likely spend most of the weekend in the garage (with the door open so I can enjoy the weather) finishing this project that's been plaguing me for the last couple of weekends.

I hope you enjoy the weekend and that you'll come back and check out Moug & Carly Mornings Tuesday on Mix 106!

Approach to Kayne Lake
Getty Images/iStockphoto

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