Pepsi is no stranger to gimmicky products. In 1989 they released Pepsi AM, which had more caffeine and was marketed as a morning beverage. It was discontinued the following year. Pepsi Blue was also a thing for a split second in 2002, but people weren't feeling a berry cola and it flopped hard. Pepsi also responded to Coca-Cola's vanilla iteration and lime flavor with versions of their own that never became as popular.

Never one to quit, Pepsi has moved forward with yet another version of their cola. They took to twitter to announce Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola.

What’s sweeter than saying “bye” to the worst year ever? Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola - the latest concept from the Pepsi Test Kitchen. Want to try and get your hands on it? 2,021 RTs and we’ll make a batch. #PepsiCocoaCola

It wasn't long before the Twitterverse threw its weight behind the idea. Pepsi then instructed us to stay tuned for details in 2021.

Kudos to the holiday happy person who concocted this idea that we need cocoa and marshmallow flavored cola. I don't know how successful it will be post holidays. Tons of people give up soda as a new year's resolution. If I were to give this a chance it would have been during the all you can eat holiday season. But Twitter doesn't lie, so at the very least there is interest.

Personally, as a sleep deprived adult who needs to function 18 hours a day, I think we should circle back to Pepsi AM. The world just wasn't ready back then. Maybe I'll have to take the matter to Twitter.



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