Some states are playing lottery-style contests for vaccinated people, like Ohioans. It's a thing happening everywhere.

We saw New York also offer free tuition for people incentives to get vaccinations. The rush is on and Idaho won't be left behind. You get bagels. Thanks.

Panera Bread Offering Free Bagels During Independence Day Weekend

Don't think I'm not appreciative of free bagels. What is the term, "If it's free, it's for me?" Let's show some Panera Bread love for some great-tasting bagels. The only catch is you must have already received your vaccination for COVID-19. I'm not sure if this is happening because President Biden had a 4th of July goal to hit a certain vaccination goal, a thank you for getting vaccinated, or just a promotional opportunity for Panera.

"Whether you like your bagel bread-sliced or cut through the middle, or prefer savory Asiago Cheese or sweet Cinnamon Crunch if you are vaccinated the choice is yours for one free bagel daily during the promotion, while supplies last." That was a statement from Panera in which they also mentioned other flavors of bagels will also be included.

What if You Threw Away Your Vaccination Card?

No worries. This is Idaho. Be honest and your free Panera Bagel will be available for you, no questions asked. It's the honor system and Idahoans are all about honor. Red, white, blue, and a free bagel this 4th of July weekend. The offer runs July 2-4, 2021.

Panera Bread Locations

  • 1150 W Myrtle Street (208) 803-3997
  • 8401 W Franklin Road in Franklin Towne Plaza (208) 513-2261
  • 3421 N Eagle Road in Meridian (208) 982-3156

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