Since my fiance and I had to postpone our wedding, we decided to make a time capsule to honor the original date! We'll open it after 20 years, there's only one exception, and it isn't death...

The idea to do a time capsule actually came from a Mix 106 listener named Nicole who got it from This Is Us apparently (I've never seen the show). So we've asked our friends and family to send us letters and photos, and most importantly, we wrote letters to each other. We'll lock the time capsule up about the end of May and we won't open it until April 25th, 2040, and we've agreed NOT to open it, not even if one of us dies, until that date.

The only exception to that would be if we decided we wanted to get a divorce. We'd force ourselves to read the letters from our family and friends, and the ones we wrote to each other, in hopes that we would remember how great our love currently is.

Pretty crazy to think that when we open this up and read the letters, I'll be 53, she'll be 50, we'll hopefully have teen-aged kids by then that we can share the experience with. Regardless of the stage of a relationship you're in, a time capsule might be a cool idea for you too!

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