Date Night Ideas Around the Treasure Valley
Friday morning on The New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole we had a listener ask a question during Free Advice Friday that ended up blowing up our phones and text line. She asked, "So, I thought I would post all of the responses and suggestions we got for her here, in case there are ot…
How To Have Fun With Office Costumes And Keep Your Job
The sexy outfit, the baby diaper costume, and the pop-star-wardrobe-malfunction will probably be bigger hits at that rowdy Halloween night party with friends, than they will be at work.  How do we wear something awesome to the Halloween party at work without embarrassing ourselves?
Halloween Costume Ideas Involve Face Paint
We've heard Donald Trump wigs are selling like crazy, and "the dress" that made the rounds on the internet will be a hot Halloween costume too.  Other ideas are based on animated movie characters and involve a lot of yellow and blue face paint.
Still Need April Fool’s Day Ideas? Here!
Am I the only one that doesn't really care for April Fool's Day?  I think I'm an easy target for you pranksters, and therefore I look forward to April 2nd every year.
In case you're looking to get your annoying co-workers back for the pranks they're pulling today, I thought I'd share a few easy April…