Mike and Nicole,
I am desperate for help. A few months ago, my husband left me for a woman who (I thought) was a very good friend of mine. They plan on moving in together sometime in the next few weeks. My ex husband and I have 50/50 custody of our 4 year old daughter, which means she spends half her time with me and half her time with him.
Immediately before starting to see my ex, his new girlfriend was in an abusive relationship with a very violent and very dangerous man. This man continued to stalk her after their relationship was over, This man has an extensive record of domestic violence, assault and other violent crime. He was "on the run" for a little while but I have recently found out that he is back in the area. I am terrified for my daughter's safety because she will be living with this woman for half the time. To make matters worse, my ex and his girlfriend are withholding information and flat out lying to me about the extent of the danger. Just last week, they assured me that the man was now incarcerated and that I could "put my mind at ease." After my ex slipped up in conversation a couple of days ago, they admitted that this was not true. This man is facing additional charges, including a felony but is free for the time being. They refuse to give me any other details about it and I do not believe that they would tell me if the stalking behavior continued or if the man was making threats.
What I am hoping someone out there can tell me is this... how much of this man's criminal proceedings are public record? And how can I access them so I know what's really happening as far as his sentencing, etc? I know he is on probation or parole (I am not sure which). Can I find out who his PO is? Would the PO talk to me to give me basic information about the man's sentencing and the  What rights do I have in this situation? What can I do to protect my daughter?
I am living on a minimal income (around $1300 a month) and have increased expenses. I have some ongoing medical issues and I was covered by my ex's insurance when we were married but now I do not have insurance, so I have to pay for all of that out of pocket. I don't have money for a lawyer. If that were an option, I would have gotten one as soon as I found out they lied about this man being incarcerated.
Even as I write this, I am shaking and crying. I believe that my daughter is in very real danger and I feel like there is nothing I can do about it. Any help or advice would be so very appreciated. Thank you.
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