Man Rescued from the Boise River Early This Morning
@BoiseFire @starfiredist @AdaParamedics @AdaCoSheriff Solid work Dive 1 & all responders working this am to rescue a victim from the river pic.twitter.com/u0ZsWtLq0p
— Eagle Fire Dept (@Eaglefire_Dept) April 23, 2017
The Eagle Fire Department tweeted that a man had to be rescued from the…
Important Kids Car Seat Alert!
Bundling up our kiddos as we go out in this winter weather in a necessity to keep them healthy and warm. But, we don't think about how dangerous those thick coats can be when they're on while IN their car seat.
Watch this video, you'll never put your kids in a car seat with a coat on a…
Stay out of the River this weekend says Fire Officials.
With the temps getting up to triple digits this weekend, the natural thing for most local Boise families is to jump in to the trusty Boise River and cool down. Boise Fire Officials though are saying, think again and choose a better chill out place.