School is back in session, and with the kids headed back to class you can bet for sure that the long lines and traffic are going to be an added reason to leave your home early. So while the extra cars take up more of your time, come celebrate the opening of a heavily busy road way today that will move things along even smoother for you and your lil ones on the way to and from school. 

The Ada County Highway District is holding a meeting of the minds and presenting the hopefully finished product of the busy Cole \ Victory BLVD intersection. The event will be this afternoon at the Hampton Inn and Suites at 7499 W. Overland from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Car queue in the bad traffic road
Credit: chat9780 ThinkStock

The open house will highlight the improvements to the heavily traveled road. Some of the new aspects of the intersection will be -

  • Improving the current intersection at Cole and Victory
  • The processes of widening Cole to Victory to  McGlochlin Street into 2 lanes in each direction
  • Implementing a Bike path
  • and more

There will also be suggestions and comments on the new Lake Hazel intersection that is in need of help as well. Improving our streets and roadways are a vital way to maintain our cities growth and population boom. So many people traveled from all across the country and the world during the Solar Eclipse and honestly, I think events like this are bound to continue to happen for our great city. People have picked up on the gem that Boise is. We will see more families, students, and entrepreneurs making Boise and the Treasure Valley their home in the future. So why not get the roads worked on now before they need a massive overhaul.


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