If you travel through this area of Meridian it's not going to be fun. A huge section of Linder Road will be closed starting Thursday and lasting two months. 

Linder Road will be closed between UStick and McMillan between Thursday, June 20th and Friday, August 16th if things go as expected according to an article on KTVB.

This area is right near Sawtooth Middle School and crews hope to have the project wrapped up before the school year begins.

If you travel in this area start mapping out an area North or South of the orange cones, but expect extra congestion in the area.

I know road construction is necessary. In the end, I'm always grateful for it and I'm glad we live in an area that keeps things up and helps us take pride in where we live, but man it can be a pain in the butt while it's happening!

Thumbs up to all the hard workers on projects like this. I have so much respect for the hard work you do in the dead of heat. It makes a huge difference in our world. For a list of other summer construction projects in our area click the link below.

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