Technology is booming. Who would have ever thought that we could FaceTime from our bathrooms, or see what's going on on the other side of the world from a click of a button. Well maybe it was all predicted in the three amazing movies of Back To The Future...but still. I have found a new feature on Facebook, that I'm sorry you will be hooked on from the second you click it. Enter it if you dare. 

When Facebook Live was introduced it opened so many doors for people to connect beyond the Treasure Valley. Not only can we connect with artists like Boise Music Festival acts Daughtry, Nelly, and Andy Grammer when they went live, but we can broadcast our lives to the millions and trillions of people out side of the state of Idaho. NOW it gets even better...omg I'm dying here this is amazing. Facebook just rolled out Facebook LIVE now instead of just being able to watch the people that you follow, either here in the City Of Trees and beyond you can see who is LIVE at any moment across the entire WORLD.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

From Boise To Beijing see what is being sent out across the inter-webs. You can hover over the bullet points to get a quick glimpse of a video's live stream before clicking on it to see it in full size. So when the boss asks you why you haven't got them that TPS report, you can blame it on me. Better yet blame it on Me. Silver Lining  though this opens up the world even more to our great city. So remember to Go LIVE of Facebook and show off our amazing Greenbelt, Boise River, and especially once the Broncos take the Blue this September. - JD

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