Ridiculous or necessary? Do you think such a sign belongs in your office? An office restroom sign says that employees have 10 minutes to use the restroom and if they take any longer they face a smell check to ensure they are not on their phones!

This sign was posted in a Baltimore office and went viral on Reddit. It seems insane at first glance, but if it is a legit problem with employees disappearing into the bathroom, maybe that's where we are at as technology continues to take over our lives. Personally, I think we could come up with something a little less tacky than a "smell check."

This issue also got me thinking about how irritated I get with smoke breaks. I'm not a smoker and I have watched countless colleagues over the years take endless breaks because of their addiction and someone who is a non-smoker doesn't get this same free time.

What are your thoughts on breaks at work whether you are sitting on your phone in the bathroom or taking a smoke break?

I've always had the attitude that if you get your job done and you are doing a great job, time should be irrelevant for the most part. Hours often translate into working smart. I know many people who spend endless hours "networking" or chatting around the office and although they are physically there, not a lot is getting accomplished.

Is this sign taking things too far or do we need this type of post in offices around Boise?

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