I hate to admit it, but I can be a slob.  Typically it's not in common areas and I try to stay clean and organized when others are impacted, but my personal bathroom, not always clean. 

That had to change.

My system has admittedly caused me a little heartache as I made the decision to clean up my house as I put away my Christmas decorations this year.  I had grown tired of the clutter, and the well-intentioned "I'll save this in the event I might need it again" someday stuff.

That meant a ton of clothes that haven't been worn for years went to Goodwill.  The toys that we haven't used for the kiddo are now packed in the garage and ready for donation or sale, and then, the big clean up began.

The master bathroom was the biggest catch-up project.  Nothing was awful, but I hadn't cleaned the bathtub (or used it) since my son took the last bath probably two years ago.  Fixed that.  The master closet had WAY too many clothes that hadn't been used.  I donated those.

It was the master shower, however, that I had really let slide.  I had done the usual cleanup of the walls and floor, but I had been lazy with the squeegee and allowed hard water to take over the glass shower doors.

I tried a number of bathroom cleaners with very limited success, so I did what most of us do today to find a solution:  I hit up YouTube.

If you find yourself in need of a cleanup solution for either the kitchen or bathroom, may I suggest the magic combination of vinegar and Dawn dish soap?  That cut right throught he soap scum, hard water, and did it quickly in a way most of the cleaners I had tried couldn't do.

I also found another solution for keeping the doors clean once you get them where they need to be:  Lemon Pledge.  That one is on the shopping list for today, and I'll let you know how it works over time.

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