Public bathrooms are gross. I mean, the nature of bathrooms in general is gross. It's a room where you release excrement of various kinds. Gross. Now take that into a public space where hundreds of people pass through and because they don't have to clean it they don't care much if they leave it disheveled and nasty. Safe to say a public bathroom is the least desirable place on earth.

Even worse, a bathroom for a restaurant that serves food notorious for stirring up bubble guts. What food comes to mind? Definitely Mexican food. I've never had a plate of nachos that didn't disrupt me at least a little bit, especially if it comes with spice. But the food I know really sends people to the bathroom in a frenzy is Indian food. Now, I'd never do anything more than number 1 in the public restroom, but I don't judge those who do, despite the state I often find the bathroom those who eat at Bombay Grill use.

But it's not all a mess in this bathroom. As it turns out, the stall farthest away from the entrance has a super positive and sassy message written on its wall. No, it's not a suggestion for who to call for a good time. And while I don't condone defacing public property, I do like what it says: "life is too short to take anything seriously! Pls have fun & live your life to the fullest! *heart* Ya Bitch."


Photo by Angie Morales
Photo by Angie Morales

I'm not going to lie, I needed to read that today. And maybe you needed to also. May we all have fun and live life to the fullest!

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