I. Hate. Thanksgiving. Besides the problematic historical reasons, the holiday is still trash. It's a random stressful day that gets in the way of celebrating the actual important holidays of the season. Whether it's religious or secular, glittering lights and decorations, hot chocolate, fun parties, cozy nights by the fire, and gift exchanges  shouldn't be marred with a pit stop at Thanksgiving, which only ever makes people feel crappy.

First of all, who came up with turkey for the main dish on Thanksgiving? TRASH. Veganism aside, turkey is garbage. Takes FOREVER to make and never turns out juicy and delicious. In 29 Thanksgivings, attending various dinners, the turkey has always been blah. And now as a vegan for 3 years, it REALLY means nothing to me except that an animal had to die and no one even liked it.

The rest of the dishes are only just ok. Even at peak deliciousness, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, yams, macaroni and cheese, and pie are not good enough reasons to make me suffer the entire day. Not only that, we've been programmed to over eat on Thanksgiving even though these are mediocre dishes. So then you feel sick and sleepy.

And feeling sick and sleepy on top of dealing with all your family from out of town that you don't even like or want to see? AWFUL! Why do we subject ourselves to this? To give thanks we have to torture ourselves for a day? And it's 2020! You think the conversation at the table will somehow be better than in past years? Absolutely not!

And you're expected to dress up to walk around your own house. An added stress for no reason! I mean, I do like to dress up for no reason and take pictures. But on Thanksgiving it's hard because the house is stifling hot from the oven being on all day to cook the aforementioned pointless bird. Sweating while getting ready is the bane of my existence.

Now it's the end of the day and what's happened? There's a huge mess in the kitchen. You're overstuffed and in a bad mood 'cause of the inevitable fight that happened at the dinner table. Because of that you don't feel like cleaning up the big mess. Despite how much you ate, there's a ton of leftovers you don't actually want to save but will because you'll feel guilty for wasting the food. And you wasted a good outfit for a crap occasion.

I'm skipping Thanksgiving this year if I can help it and actually treating it as pre-Christmas. I'll wrap presents and watch The Santa Claus. Who's with me?



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