Now, when you buy a new vehicle in Idaho, you can skip the dmv and do register right from your couch!

Just like I'm writing this blog; on the couch, in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. No more waiting in line at the DMV to register a new car you've purchased in the state of Idaho. This makes things easier for people who are registering their new cars from home, and also eases the burden of the customers and staff at the DMV. The Idaho Transportation Department made the announcement on their twitter page:

And on their website, they excitedly explain, "dahoans who have recently purchased a vehicle from a licensed Idaho dealership may now qualify to skip the trip to a county DMV office and instead register their new or used car from a smartphone, tablet, or computer." This is a really cool way to get what seems to have been a burden since the beginning of (driving) time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can handle this business without having to go anywhere. Pretty cool, huh?

To make things even easier and to encourage people to do this, even though it's a new program, they've put together a bit of a how-to video:

Definitely something to take into consideration next time you're buying a new car in the state of Idaho from a licensed dealership. Unless you hate your job and taking a half day to go register your car at the DMV sounds like more fun, then by all means, enjoy the second happiest place on earth!

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