Mike and Nicole's OPP: My Mom is Soooo Wrong
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I am 14 years old and writing you because I listen to your show everyday on my way to school. My mom and dad divorced almost 7 months ago. My mom just started online dating and is embarrassing the heeeeck out of my brother and I...
Amazon Announces Top 10 Cyber Monday Deals
Cyber Monday seems to pick up more and more steam every year. After Black Friday, it's the next crazy holiday shopping frenzy. I'm more of an online shopping kinda gal myself.
Amazon announced it's top 10 deals for tomorrow. What do you think...
Things Aren't Always Cheaper Online
Maybe this has happened to you too this weekend.  You're in an actual store, holding a hot Christmas item in your hands, and you think, "Eh, I can probably find it cheaper online."
How Online Dating Has Ruined My Love Life
I am an online dater, and I will probably remain one even though it drives me crazy.
I caught up with an old friend last week and she asked if there was anyone special in my life now.  I said, "Oh, there are three or four.  But there are always three or four."  And then I realized how stupi…
Online Daters Have Reason To Be Optimistic!
So maybe you were in a relationship that lasted 15 years and it ended in 2013, and now you've decided to pursue the big uncertain world of online dating!  (And by you I mean me.  :-D)  Is it just me, or does this internet dating thing present some challenges? What should we expec…