Under ideas, you can file this one under "Brilliant"! A new Ice Cream Shop in downtown Boise will open soon featuring Boozy Ice Cream...crap, why can't I think of great ideas like this?

Kasey Allen and his partner Dan Sell like booze and they like ice cream..which means they will soon have the best of both worlds when they open up their new ice cream shop, called the STIL, later this summer in downtown Boise. As you’d expect they’ve spent hours experimenting with booze and flavors…(or what I like to call spending a fun Saturday afternoon)

According to a recent article in the Idaho Statesman, the STIL will be serving bowls, cones, shakes and floats. You’ll be able to try them with beer or wine

What no vodka with my orange ice cream for my version of a boozy dreamsicle …no rum for my rum raisin or tequila and orange sorbet for a frozen tequila sunrise…hey I can dream can’t I?

According to the Statesman article, “There will be some wine sorbets, beer ice cream, even some bourbon reduction mixed in,” Allen says. “So you can get, like, a honey bourbon ice cream of something, as an example. But in addition to that, we are going to serve some local and regional beers and wines to complement the ice cream.

In addition to booze infused Ice Cream, The STIL’s menu will be divided into six categories.

▪ The Usual: which are all your basic flavors

▪ The Unusual: Which is pretty much is what you think really unusual concoctions.

▪ The Kitchen: which will feature frozen deliciousness, inspired by baked goods like brownies and cake.

▪ The Garden: Non-dairy and vegan options....What, no bacon? Well this is a wasted category in my opinion!

l▪ The Lab: This one’s for really strange, out of this world wacky concoctions…you can even submit your own ideas that the STIL might make and test out on the masses

And Finally

▪ The Bar: Alcohol-related flavors.

The STIL which stands for the “Sweetest Things In Life”, is planning to open in June just in time for prime ice cream and drinking season. They will be located in the old Snake River Winery location in BODO near Edwards 9 Theater. Keep up by following them on their Facebook page

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