You love ice cream, but did you know you can get a view into what you favorite ice cream says about your personality? Take the personality test Mike and Nicole shared this morning and see if it matches your personality. recently posted a personality quiz, and based on the people I've given it to so far, it's pretty damn accurate.

For instance, my favorite is Cookies and Cream:

You're still a kid at heart. You relish the little things. You have many opinions, and you have no problem sharing them. You're a bit of a troublemaker with a heart of gold, and you choose to see the good in people. (I have to be a kid at heart to have this job and work with people like JD and Nicole every Morning)

My wife loves Mint Chocolate Chip..but I thinks she's a combo of Mint and just plain chocolate chip...I highlighted the things that REALLY fit her personality:

You can handle stress, and win enemies over because of it. Though you dislike conflict, you are a master of verbal duels and can handle stress much better than others. You find immense joy in being successful but tend to be overly skeptical about life at times.

The generous, competent go getter. You have a very engaging and charming personality, and you're the life of every party. You're also an extremely social and generous person, and you never hesitate to lend a helping hand.
Take the test does your ice cream match up with your personality traits?




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