The STRUGGLE it can be trying to find a roommate. Whether you're a transfer student at Boise State or you're a working professional moving into town, it's always a guaranteed semi-stressful process that can sometimes end up as a total nightmare.

You obviously don't want to live under the same roof with just anyone! No offense, but sometimes Craigslist or even Facebook can just be slightly sketch. I've seen too many horror movies to just wing it with a roomie. Thankfully, there's a new way to find a roommate in Boise that seems pretty promising.

Chillow is a downloadable app that allows individuals the opportunity to find a credible roommate, place to live, and the ability to review current and past roommates for the first time. It's basically like a mix between Tinder and Rate My Professor but for roommates!

Chillow was created after the founders had their fair share of bad roommate experiences. Like many of us, they wished there was a platform making roommate finding easy & safe.

Protentional roommies are matched based on an algorithm that incorporates lifestyle and location. On Chillow, you're also able to background check or ID check yourself as well as request a background/ID check on a potential roommate. It's a resource for those in the shared housing market seeking a trusted and verified roommate, who have been reviewed by someone they’ve formerly lived with.

The app is celebrating it's launch with an official launch party happening on Saturday, July 10th at Green Acres, 1401 Shoreline Dr, Boise, ID from 4-8pm.

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