I'm the type of person guilty of showing up to the gate right when boarding starts. What can I say though, I hate waiting around. I can usually time it pretty good too but honestly it can be hit or miss at the Boise Airport. Sometimes you can get away with arriving 45 minutes before your flight time. Other times you need at least an hour and a half!

Wait times depend on a lot of different factors that are usually out of your control. For example, just the other week someone attempted to bring a loaded gun through the TSA checkpoint which held up everyone else in line. SMH.

More and more people are flying out of the Boise Airport too. In fact, Boise has recently been reclassified as a medium hub after becoming the 61st busiest airport and growing by 49% in the past 5 years. Especially this summer more and more people are taking advantage of travel.

Boise Airport spokesperson Sean Briggs told KTVB that, "Gone are the days where you could show up an hour, hour and a half before your flight. You need to show up two hours before your flight to give yourself plenty of time to park, clear security and get to that gate."

If you need to time it out, luckily there's an app for that!  MyTSA is a great resources that provides estimated wait times at every airport. The app displays the maximum historical wait times from within a wait time range, not exact wait times. However this still gives you a good idea of what time you need to leave for the airport in order to catch your flight. You can also plan for an upcoming trip by selecting any particular day and time of the week.

In addition to wait times, the app also has a detailed list of everything you can or can't bring on a plane if you're ever in doubt.

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