As a vegan, my hope is that one day everyone will be vegan. I am not naive enough to think this will happen in my lifetime, if ever. I completely understand how difficult it can be to make the transition. I was vegan for over a year, took a year long break, and then went back to it (almost 3 years now). Cognitive dissonance is very real and it's easy to not connect animal suffering to the food you're consuming. I don't judge. I've been there.

But if not for the animals, I hope for people to make the switch for sake of the environment and climate change. Even starting with a reducetarian diet can create huge change for the world in which we live. So I'm always excited when companies roll out vegan alternatives to beloved foods. People can't try something different if the options don't exist. Nestlé seems to understand that as they've worked diligently for the better part of a year to create Vuna, a plant based tuna.

A spokesperson for the company told, “We have used our culinary and technical expertise to find the right combination of plant-based protein and flavors and combine them using proprietary technologies to create the rich flavor and flaky texture of tuna. We used our proprietary, patented wet extrusion technology that we use for our plant-based meat alternatives, such as our vegan bacon and plant-based burger.”

It'll be a wait before Vuna makes its debut in the U.S. The seafood alternative will launch in Switzerland first. Hopefully it does well and makes its way here because I have yet to find a vegan tuna alternative that doesn't taste like a weird wet sawdust situation.


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