Police Officers are hero's, everyday they put their life on the line to make our communities a better and more safe place. It seems so often you hear mostly negative things about our law enforcement but they deserve to be respected. That's why when I heard the story of what Officer Coleman did on Father's Day while on patrol for the Nampa Police Department I had to share it with you.

Here is the story as told by the Nampa Police Department on their Facebook page.

The perfect award to announce on Father’s Day.
Officer Aaron Coleman responded to a 4 year old drowning victim. He determined the child was in immediate and imminent danger, as he was not breathing and had no pulse. Officer Coleman took over CPR from the victim’s father and performed life saving measures on the child until Nampa Fire and Canyon County Paramedics arrived on scene. The child’s father, Mark Messer, had found the child in a shallow water feature behind the house. Mark put his fear and emotion aside and let his instincts as a soldier take over. He had immediately started administering CPR prior to Officer Coleman and Officer Onofrei’s arrival. He continued CPR until they took over. Mark stayed by the officers sides, until his son, Drake, was rushed to the hospital. Had it not been for his fast actions, Officer Coleman said he does not think the outcome would have been the miracle it is. 

Having just moved to Nampa I love hearing stories like this. Thank you Officer Coleman and the rest of the Officers in the Treasure Valley for what you do. Also, we wish a speedy recovery to Drake.

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