The Mike and Nicole Everyday Hero goes to Jeremy Barber, a project manager for a local general contractor called HC Company.

Back in November, 21-year-old Jacob Tewalt was riding in a car with some friends. The teenager sitting in the seat behind him had a gun, that accidentally fired. The bullet went straight through the back of his seat, and into Jacob's back leaving him paralyzed.

After months of surgeries and physical therapy, his family has been working hard to get their Kuna home ready for Jacob and his wheelchair.

They live in a two-story house, where all of the bedrooms and most of the bathrooms are upstairs. Trying to renovate an entire home like that would be outrageous! They can't afford to make the necessary changes.

That's where Jeremy Barber comes in.

Jeremy, along with a crew of volunteers, went to work right away, taking apart the existing bathroom and adding a bedroom downstairs. They made the shower accessible for his wheelchair so he could roll himself in and out easily.

What incredible generosity to come in and do something like this for someone you don't know. Way to go Jeremy and the rest of this amazing crew!

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