This is pretty cool. We all like to think we could be the hero in a situation like this but this guy made it happen, and now Darrin Hansen has been honored for saving a woman from drowning in the Boise River.

According to our friends over at CBS 2 Boise, Hansen has been honored by the Idaho Red Cross for saving a woman from drowning in the Boise River last summer. He was on the shore of the river near the 9th Street bridge when he heard her cries for help, he found her clinging to a tree. He swam over to her, grabbed her and brought her ashore, likely preventing a bad situation.

The award he was presented with was the American Red Cross Life Saving Award and I hope he feels proud. We all like to think we would be a hero in a situation like this, but would we? And if we tried, would we be successful? A traumatic event for both Hansen and then woman whose life he saved for sure but with a happy ending.

Think of how many times you've likely floated the river without a care in the world but also how close you could be to an unsafe situation. I hope something like that never happens to me while I'm taking a leisurely ride down the river on a beautiful summer day but if it does, I hope there's a hero like Darrin Hansen around to help out.

Thanks for all you do, Darrin!

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