Nora deserves all the treats and all the car rides and play time after saving her family in Boise this week. Check out the story and see photos of this beautiful pooch!

Thanks to KTVB for the reporting. Jennifer Bach's dog Nora went into the kitchen and started barking in front of the stove because she smelled gas, which us humans have a hard time detecting. As it turns out, someone had turned on the burner and walked away, forgetting about it. Once Jennifer saw what happened, she turned off the stove, opened the windows and everyone was safe. Look at this beautiful, heroic dog, Nora! (photo courtesy of Maggie O'Mara)

As it turns out, dogs' sense of smell is about forty times greater than that of humans so they have this superpower that can be pretty beneficial to us. In this case, Nora protected her family from natural gas, which can be pretty dangerous. "It is dangerous because natural gas is flammable, which means that if there's a flame or even a spark in the area of a leak, it could cause a fire or explosion. A natural gas leak can happen if a gas pipe is damaged or a fitting is loose", according to Alliant Energy.

So if you have a dog, keep an eye out for their little noses and the way the react to certain smells, they may not be able to speak words, but they can certainly watch out for and protect their families despite that.

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