Be a hero and help the Nampa Police Department crack this case wide open: The hunt for 130 years of artifacts to be displayed at Police Department headquarters and museums! The more Nampa you are, you the more you can help!

The City Of Nampa announced on their official website that they are actively seeking help from the public to help memorialize the Nampa Police Department's 130 year history. You can help by providing artifacts related to the department! Some of the things they are looking for "include but are not limited to uniforms, badges, arm patches, insignias, photographs, flags, signs, stories, and equipment", or pretty much anything else you think may be useful for this project! They also stated that this project will "honor all those who, through training, dedication, service and sacrifice, have given the citizens of Nampa a large portion of their lives and careers."

It's really fun to see how much the City Of Nampa has grown since it's inception, another note from the city's website about the city and the police department: "The City of Nampa, Idaho was incorporated in 1886 and established its first law enforcement presence in 1891with a one-member department. Over the past 130 years Nampa has grown into a marvelous city to live, work and play and so has the Police Department grown with it. Currently, Nampa PD has 134 sworn officers and 63 civilian employees and is considered by many to be the finest law enforcement organization in the state."

If you have anything you could donate to the cause, they'd certainly appreciate your help. Learn more about what they're looking for and how to get it to them here!

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