Have You Seen Evel Knievel’s Jump Over The Snake River?
Evel is a legend. He was best known for his motorcycle stunts that occurred between 1965 and 1980. According Visit Southern Idaho, He earned the Guinness Book of Records title of most broken bones in a lifetime. Did you know that his most daring and final jump was across Idaho's Snake River Can…
Is This the Strangest Building in Idaho?
Idaho is home to some amazing homes and buildings. Also some very unique ones, then you add some history to that and you have a perfect combo for some interesting buildings with interesting stories. As unique and strange as a house shaped like a dog or a potato is, this home, well building really, b…
Explore Castles in Idaho with These Photos
When you think of Idaho you most likely don't think of fairytales or kings and queens in big castles. However, medieval architecture, drawbridges, gargoyles, knights armor, towers, and even secret passages can be found right here in Idaho.
7 Amazing Things That Happened In Idaho First
Outside of the Gem State, Idaho is known for potatoes, conservative values, the outdoors, and potatoes (did I mention that already?)  Most people don't know that Idaho is a leader in technology, entertainment, sports, and social and environmental issues.  Id...

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