I got married to my beautiful bride Stacy inside the Capitol Building in Downtown Boise two Saturdays ago. Here's why I recommend this if you or someone you know is planning a small wedding in 2021.

The first perk of getting married inside the Idaho Capitol Building is the cost. Our original venue was going to cost THOUSANDS of dollars and to get married inside the capitol, cost us, wait for it... Nothing! Not a penny! You just reserve a time, essentially and since it's a public building, you can just go in and get married. We had a total of 9 guests so to not surpass the social distancing guidelines, had some chairs delivered for our guests, and made it happen.

Perk number two is that it's beautiful. Where else can you find a facility that's covered in marble with an awesome rotunda? So it was a beautiful ceremony, and it allowed for some gorgeous photo opportunities, both indoors and outside on the steps.

Perk number three is that it's so easy to find. In fact, it's arguably one of the least conspicuous buildings in Boise so it's easy for everyone to find, and no one was late!

After the wedding, we took this awesome Bentley from Idaho Town Car over to Barbacoa where we had one of their downstairs rooms reserved for our small gathering. A beautiful wedding, a great mea, and then we returned to our suite at The Grove Hotel Downtown to spend the evening with our guests. Everything was close by, and we were able to keep within the social distancing guidelines, all while saving some money (at least compared to our original wedding)!

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