It's January and the gym parking lots are a little more crowded. It's awesome that so many people are resolving to get in better shape.  But there are some things we should work together on so we can all be good gym members, right?  Like don't wear too much perfume.

I suppose whether or not you wear perfume or cologne to the gym boils down to what you're really there for.  Even if you are going to the gym to find a spouse, I would offer that if they can't bear to see you sweat and smell iffy sometimes, then they're not marriage material!  Look at this makeup-less gal go on the treadmill dude.  This hot mess is what you're getting yourself into.

What gym etiquette lessons do we all need to learn before we hit the gym?

Here are a few ideas, and feel free to add yours.

--  Gyms are bacteria hot beds, and the machines really do need an anti-bacterial wipedown.  Most gyms supply the sanitizers, so don't be thinking you're the only one that doesn't have to use 'em.

-- Be conscious of other people waiting on machines and be efficient with your routine.  Rest between reps, but don't dilly dally.

-- Don't sit there and text while other people are waiting on a machine.

-- Do use your phone or tablet on the stationary machines like bikes.  Because everyone does and it's a good way to watch your own shows if you don't like what's on the overhead TVs.

-- Don't grunt.

-- If you think you've got the flu, stay home.

-- Dress appropriately.  That's subjective, but you get the drift.  Nobody wants to see too much um...muscle.  Or baggy clothes for that matter.

-- Use deodorant.  But not too much fragrance.  Smell satisfactory, but not great.

-- Don't bring a bag of burgers and fries in there.  Food smell and gym is an oxymoron.  And we're trying to burn calories, not absorb them by osmosis.

The gym is an awesome, inspiring place for me, and hopefully for you too.  If we can high-five each other and be encouraged by all of the hard-working people in there, then maybe we can keep the routine going for a really long time.  At least into February!

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