Best Pandemic At Home Workouts
This ongoing pandemic thing has made going to the gym with a bunch of sweaty, hot-breathed people a whole lot less appealing (not that I was every a GTL kind of guy). However, over the past few months I have figured out a few things that make working out at home a little bit better.
5 Weird Things You See at the Gym
Sometimes the gym is a great place to work out, and sometimes it's a great place to read the newspaper and catch up on phone calls. And this is just one of many weird things we see at Treasure Valley gyms.
Valuables Stolen from Lockers at Various Gyms around Boise
Police are currently pursuing multiple cases where credit cards, wallets, and cash were stolen from unlocked gym lockers at various gyms around Boise. The credit cards were used to purchase hundreds of dollars in gift cards.
Boise Police have received at least nine reports of similar thefts since the…
My Gym Just Got Busier
It's January and the gym parking lots are a little more crowded. It's awesome that so many people are resolving to get in better shape.  But there are some things we should work together on so we can all be good gym members, right?  Like don't wear too much perfume.
Mike and Nicole's OPP: Will This Upset My Wife?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
When my wife and I first met, we were both really into fitness. We spent a lot of time at the gym and being active in general.
My wife has gained a considerable amount of weight since we married 6 years ago. I want to get her a health club membership for Christmas to help motivat…
Boise Man Creating A Virtual Reality Fitness Program
Boise native,Ryan DeLuca, who started the super successful, is in the final stages of rolling out a virtual reality platform that just might change the way you look at working out.
He started a new tech company called Black Box that has an idea to create a full-body fitness program y…
Working Out to Drink More?
My first reaction is to poo poo the idea of working out just so we can justify more drinks.  And then I remember I hit the treadmill for 40 minutes yesterday only to cancel out the benefits with wings and drinks at happy hour last night.
The Washington Post is talking about a study that says we …