When you are on the road and staying in a room that you don't have to clean or worry about you tend to let your guard down a bit.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

It's open of those things that I wouldn't normally do all the time but when I am staying at a hotel I have something I like to do. I like to wake up and either grab the continental breakfast or something at a local bakery/cafe. Coffee is the most important part of this though. Then go back relax and proceed to eat my snack and drink my coffee in bed and find some old reruns of something like ' I Love Lucy', which is my favorite, something from the 90's but preferably something black and white. You can normally count on the Hallmark channel for that.

I was visiting in Hailey, Idaho over the weekend and did just that! It was awesome and one thing I like to take the time to do if I am alone and can swing it before taking off. Eat in bed and not have to worry... yes!

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