One of the things that makes the 'City of Trees' so special is how the fall foliage turns the area into a fall spectacle of beautiful colors.

The question is when is the best time to see it, make a drive or a trip top grab some pictures? Senior photos are another reason for this, finding the best time and location can make the photos pop even more. I was reading an article on about times and locations. There is even a fall foliage prediction map.

According to the map October 1st is when it starts getting good but only in partial and it sounds so for the first two weeks of October it will go into full foliage as they may call it. When mid-November hits we are over the foliage part and that all depends on the weather and the frost.

It still feels like Summer so not rushing that but we are looking forward to Fall. Another quick thing is do anyone still use the term Autumn? I like it and it sounds pretty to me which that time of year is.


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