T-Pain raised the eyebrows of many when law enforcement found a loaded Smith & Wesson .380 pistol in his bag at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport this past Friday (Aug. 31). Now, the crooner has stepped forth to speak on the matter, which he doesn't seem to think was all that big a deal.

Using a video he uploaded to Instagram, Pain explains that his bringing a gun to the airport was nothing but an accident that actually stemmed from an act of responsibility.

"Basically all the time in my house, I always got shit laying around, 'cause you know, it's my house, I can do whatever the fuck I want," he begins. "So I got guns, and jewelry and all kinds of dumb shit laying around all the time, 'cause I don't really invite a lot of people at my house. But this time, we were shooting some shit for Red Bull with Murda Beatz, the Remix Lab Live, and I had all my shit laying around, guns jewelry all that. My homeboy and security [guard] Los, he picks my shit up 'cause I got a bunch of strangers in my house now."

Pain goes on to say his body guard wanted to keep his guns and other belongings away from would-be thieves and photo-takers. "So he takes it, puts it in his bag, and that was a week and [some] change ago and he just forgot the shit was in his bag. We went to the airport—that's what happened."

In the caption for the post, T-Pain claims that media outlets have focused on the wrong parts of the story while also making time to dispel any notion that he was actively trying to sneak a gun onto an airplane.

"For everybody reading headlines and making their own stories and calling me an “ignorant thug with a gun” just because that’s what you draw from my image," he writes in the caption for the video. "What they’re NOT talking about is how I didn’t leave my Security stuck there with MY gun when most artist would’ve ran off from fear of the press *cough cough* it was an honest mistake. NO CHARGES. NO ARRESTS. All my guns are legal, registered to me under my license to carry and out of the reach of my children because I’m not a dumbass. Atlanta PD unloaded the rounds and handed it right back to me, I sent it home and caught the next flight out. Pls for the love of God. CALM YOUR TITS!!!"

On a lighter not, Pain says the consequences of this whole incident weren't all that severe, claiming that he only had to pay a small fine and that he was done with the whole ordeal after 10 minutes. He even got his gun back.

Check out T-Pain's explanation below. Listen to T-Pain's Everything Must Go (Vol. 1) project when you're done.

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